Smart TFT-Displays

Smart TFT-Display

A Smart TFT display is a special type of TFT LCD (Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) that integrates additional intelligence and functions. In contrast to conventional TFT displays, which are usually only the display element and require a separate controller, Smart TFT displays contain additional hardware and software that make them stand-alone components.

Some of the typical features and advantages of Smart TFT displays:

  • Integrated control: Smart TFT displays usually contain an integrated microcontroller or processor that controls the display functionality. This reduces the need for separate control circuits or microcontrollers.
  • User-friendly interfaces: These displays often have simple interfaces such as UART, I2C or SPI, which makes integration into various systems easier. This reduces the effort for developers, as complex graphic controls are already integrated.
  • Pre-built libraries and software: Smart TFT displays often come with software tools or libraries that make it easier to create user interfaces or display data on the display. This enables faster development of user interfaces for devices or applications.
  • Interactive functions: Many Smart TFT displays support touchscreen functions that allow users to interact directly on the display. This makes them ideal for applications where user interaction is required.
  • Versatile applications: These displays are versatile and are used in various applications including industrial automation, medical devices, home appliances, automotive and more. They can be used to display data, control systems or create interactive user interfaces.
  • Compact and energy-efficient: Smart TFT displays are generally compact and energy-efficient, making them ideal for battery-powered devices or applications with limited space.

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