Customized displays

Customized displays

A customized display is a display that is specially designed and manufactured according to a customer’s requirements and specifications. This type of display is typically used when standard displays do not meet the specific requirements of a product or project. Custom displays can be used in a variety of industries and applications, including medical, industrial, automotive, consumer electronics and more.

Some of the main features and reasons for using customized displays:

  • Individual design: A customized display is tailored specifically to the customer’s requirements. The design can include size, shape, resolution, color quality, interfaces and other specifications.
  • Unique functions: Customers may require special functions or features that are not common to standard displays. This may include special shapes, exceptional brightness or contrast, or specific display formats.
  • Integration into specific systems: Customized displays can be designed to integrate seamlessly into a specific device or system. This is particularly important for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and industrial applications where the display plays a specific role.
  • Adaptation to environmental conditions: A customized display can be designed to work in specific environments or conditions, such as high temperatures, humidity or vibrations.
  • Brand-specific design: Another reason for customized displays is the ability to adapt the design to a company’s brand identity or corporate design.
  • Regulatory compliance: Customized displays can be designed to comply with specific industry or safety regulations, such as medical or industrial standards.

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