LCD Character Displays

LCD Character Displays

A LCD character display is a special type of display that uses LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology to display information in lines or limited areas. These displays are designed for applications where only a limited amount of text, numbers or simple symbols need to be displayed, such as in some electronic devices, instruments or information displays.

Some features and applications of LCD character displays:

  • Structure: LCD line displays consist of liquid crystals that align when an electrical voltage is applied to allow light to pass through or block it. They are often supported by backlighting to ensure visibility.
  • Line-based display: These displays are designed to show information in lines or smaller segments, often in the form of alphanumeric characters or simple symbols.
  • Different types: LCD line displays are available in different types, such as with one or more lines, as well as in different character widths. Common configurations are 16×2 (16 characters, 2 lines) or 20×4 (20 characters, 4 lines).
  • Applications: They are often used in applications such as microcontroller projects, electronic devices, scientific instruments, industrial equipment or in the automotive sector, where information such as measured values, settings or status displays are shown in text form.
  • Easy to control: LCD line displays are often easy to program and can be controlled with microcontrollers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, making them popular components in DIY electronics projects.

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