Overview of Manufactures

Manufacturers from GMS – Your Display Company

AV Display AVDISPLAY is a global leading TFT LCD display supplier based in China. We are specialized in intelligent OEM TFT LCD display solutions. (TFT modules, CTP – Capacitive Touch Panels, LCD panels)
DLC DLC offers monochrome TN/STN, TFT and OLED displays as well as all other additional components for displays.
OKAYA OKAYA is a global company that develops, manufactures and distributes LCD, TFT and OLED displays as well as noise and surge suppression components (LCD, TFT and OLED displays, TFT displays, graphic LCDs, character LCDs, chip-on-glass LCDs).
SGD Solomon Goldentek Display is a professional manufacturer of monochrome TN, STN, FSTN and VATN LCD panels, COG and COB modules as well as TF TN, STN and LCD panels.
TIANMA TIANMA produziert hochwertige, industrielle TFT Displays mit Langzeitverfügbarkeit, die auf verschiedenste Einsatzbereiche optimiert sind. (TFT-LCDs, Passive LCDs, Capacitive touch displays)
TINSHARP Displays, standard and customized character type lcd modules or graphical type lcd modules, small and middle size TFT displays. Character LCD Module. (TN, STN, FSTN, LCD, TFT, displays)
WINSTAR WINSTAR is a manufacturer of reliable LCD display modules and supplier of LCD panels.
VISIONOX - China-based Visionox was founded by Tsinghua University and other investors in 2001 with an aim to develop and manufacture OLED display and lighting panels. (OLED)