OLED rotary knob

OLED rotary knob

An OLED rotary knob, also known as an “OLED encoder” or “OLED rotary encoder”, is an electronic control element that combines a rotary encoder with a small OLED display. This type of rotary encoder allows users to make inputs by turning or pressing the knob, while the OLED display shows visual feedback or information.

Some of the main features and applications of an OLED rotary knob:

  • Interactive user interface: The rotary knob enables intuitive operation by turning or pressing, which is often used in applications such as menu navigation, volume control or setting parameters. The OLED display provides visual feedback, such as current settings, menu options or measured values.
  • High viewability: OLED displays are known for their high color brilliance, deep blacks and sharp contrasts, making them ideal for use in rotary controls where clear visibility is required.
  • Compact design: OLED knobs are usually compact and fit into small housings or control panels, making them suitable for various devices and applications.
  • Applications: OLED rotary knobs are used in a variety of applications, including audio equipment, industrial equipment, medical equipment, scientific instruments and more. They are often used in applications where user-friendly, space-saving and visually appealing control is required.
  • Integration into devices: The rotary control can be integrated directly into a device or control panel, enabling a compact and elegant user interface.
  • Flexibility: The combination of rotary control and OLED display provides a flexible user interface that can be customized for a variety of input and display requirements.

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