In-house assembly in housing

In-house assembly in housing

GMS offers in-house installation services for displays. Our experts ensure a fast, precise and reliable installation that meets the highest quality standards.

Some aspects and advantages of in-house assembly in the housing:

  • Control over quality and process: By bringing assembly in-house, the company has full control over the quality of the work, the assembly process and the materials used. This can help to improve quality assurance and reduce product failures.
  • Flexibility and customization: Companies can react more quickly to changes or specific requirements as assembly is done in-house. This allows for greater flexibility when adjustments or improvements are required.
  • Faster communication: Internal assembly facilitates communication between different teams and departments, allowing problems to be identified and solved more quickly.
  • Data security and protection of intellectual property: In-house assembly keeps intellectual property and sensitive information within the company, which reduces the risk of data leaks or theft.
  • Reduction of supply chain dependencies: If assembly takes place in-house, the company is less dependent on external suppliers or service providers. This can be particularly advantageous in times of supply chain disruptions or bottlenecks.
  • Cost efficiency: Although in-house assembly may initially involve higher costs, especially when investing in equipment and personnel, it can be more cost-efficient in the long run as it reduces transportation costs, delays and quality issues.
  • Fields of application: In-house assembly in housing is used in many industries, including electronics, automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology and telecommunications. It is particularly suitable for companies that manufacture complex systems or specialized products.

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